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Stevens Virgin paralegal chair of CDL LA Law conference

The 2014 Canadian Defence Lawyers’ LA Law course will take place on June 18, 2014.  Upon chairing a successful program in 2012, Stevens Virgin’s paralegal Hardip Samra has been asked chair the 2014 event. Hardip is coordinating BC’s Annual Paralegal Programme with topics focusing on accident scene investigations, groundwork evidence, chambers applications, Fast Track litigation, understanding medical opinions and their underpinnings, collateral witness interviews, and the evolution of the paralegal’s role in a law firm.  Presenters will include Sgt. Somerville from the RCMP, Sgt. Sproule from the Integrated Collision Analysis and Reconstruction Services, Adrian Denegar, director of Emergency Health Services, an engineer, an independent investigator, and others.  Anna Karlen, of Stevens Virgin, will present on “Determining How to Defend the Case” by taking a closer look at key evidence and its effect in the courtroom.  The focus of the program will be on discovering, deciphering and decoding evidence to defend diligently.

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