Wills and Estates Litigation

When a person passes away he or she usually leaves money, property, and other interests behind.  That money and property, and those interests, are known as the estate of the deceased person.  That estate needs to be administered and distributed according to the wishes of the deceased, which often include making provision for a spouse, child, or other family members.

The deceased may have left a will which outlines his or her wishes, or the deceased may have died intestate – without a will.  Either way, the circumstances surrounding the administration of an estate can be challenging.

The will may be vague or out of date.  It may not make adequate provision for a family member, or family members may find themselves disinherited.  The deceased may have left multiple wills, or there may be a dispute about the validity of a will.  There may be challenges with finding or appointing an executor or executrix for the estate.  There may be issues with the administration of a trust or with the conduct of trustees.

There may be lawsuits by or against the deceased or the estate.

Government agencies like the Public Guardian and Trustee may be involved and may influence the management or distribution of an estate.

In short, dealing with a will or an estate can be a complicated and sometimes adversarial process.  There are likely many competing interests involved, the circumstances may be difficult, and the legal issues complex.

We can help.

Stevens Virgin has experience acting for beneficiaries, executors, and other parties involved in disputes concerning wills and estates.

Our experience with mediation and arbitration applies to problems in estate law.  And if a negotiated solution is not possible, we will use our advocacy skill and experience to present a compelling case to the court.  Every lawyer at Stevens Virgin has trial experience, and we have a dedicated research department that specializes in complex legal issues.  Whatever wills and estate problem you are facing, we can help you achieve the best outcome.

Our lawyers have experience with issues including the following:

  • Testamentary capacity
  • Wrongful disinheritance
  • Undue influence over a testator
  • Wills variations
  • Fraudulent or forged wills
  • Multiple competing wills
  • Coroners inquests
  • Probate disputes
  • Public Guardian and Trustee concerns
  • Lawsuits by and against an estate
  • Intestacy
  • Appointment or removal of executors
  • Ambiguous wills

For more information and to meet members in Stevens Virgin’s wills and estates litigation group, please connect with any of our key contacts listed at right.

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