Complex Civil Litigation and Appeals

Some civil disputes involve numerous parties, extensive documentation, complicated facts and difficult or novel principles of law. Stevens Virgin’s team of lawyers, paralegals and legal support staff have the ability to synthesize complex legal and factual materials, research and analyze legal principles and manage all stages of the litigation, from the determination of the relevant facts and the evidence required to support your claim or defence, to the drafting of pleadings, through to the discovery procedures and trial preparation.

At Stevens Virgin, we have:

  • trial counsel with over 20 years of litigation experience who have the management skills to lead our team
  • senior counsel specializing in the research and analysis of complex legal issues and in preparing pre-trial applications and trial submissions
  • young and energetic lawyers
  • paralegals who have the patience and attention to detail to ensure that all of the issues involved in your dispute will be thoroughly dealt with

Our litigation experience includes working closely with expert witnesses in many fields. We also have the skills required to effectively neutralize experts retained by opposing parties. By utilizing the skills brought by each team member, we are able to provide you with valuable and cost effective representation.

We at Stevens Virgin will actively pursue all appropriate forms of dispute resolution so that your dispute will be resolved in the most cost-effective manner, but we also believe that your best interests will be served when we are prepared to go to trial on your behalf.

Stevens Virgin’s senior counsel and research department have represented clients before the British Columbia Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court of Canada in matters involving motor vehicle accidents, insurance, commercial litigation, and criminal matters. Having an in-house research department gives us resources and expertise not available to other firms of our size.

For more information and to meet members in Stevens Virgin’s complex civil litigation and appeals group, please connect with any of our key contacts listed at right.

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