Diane Weinrath, Associate Counsel

Diane Weinrath has extensive experience in the field of personal injury litigation with the last 15 years spent exclusively defending motor vehicle accident claims.

Ms. Weinrath focuses on claims involving thorny psychological injuries and auto-immune disorders such as multiple sclerosis. She has an academic bent, an eye for detail and is partial to large, complex files, which she excels at assimilating and breaking down into manageable components.

Ms. Weinrath was called to the bar of British Columbia in 1995 after completing her LLB at UBC in 1994. Her undergraduate work was done at UBC and Universite Laval. Prior to law school, she worked for 10 years in the high tech industry in software development, marketing and project management and has a strong business background.

After her call to the bar, she had a mixed litigation practice including medical malpractice, sexual assault, commercial disputes, intellectual property infringement, defamation, breast implant and asbestos litigation. She left that behind to pursue insurance defence work for 10 years as in house counsel for ICBC where she gained expertise in all facets of defence litigation such as mediation and trial, including jury trials.  Ms. Weinrath maintains a strong chambers practice including appeal work in such matters as document production, compelling attendance at IMEs and assessing Bills of Costs.

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