David Lavoie, Associate Counsel

David Lavoie is a graduate of the University of British Columbia, having obtained a Bachelor of Arts Degree in 1988 and a Bachelor of Laws Degree in 1992. He was called to the Bar of British Columbia in 1993. Before joining Stevens Virgin, Mr. Lavoie practiced law for over 10 years at an insurance boutique firm in Vancouver, British Columbia, where he successfully represented clients in a broad range of civil matters including personal injury claims, disability and life insurance claims, bank fraud and other commercial disputes.

Mr. Lavoie has experience through all stages of the litigation process. He has successfully argued numerous pre-trial court applications on a wide variety of subjects, including Rule 30 medical examinations, pretrial examination of witnesses, trial adjournment, applications to dismiss actions for failure to comply with the Rules of Court, deposition of experts before trial, security for costs, and the production of documents: e.g.,

  • Tupper v. Holding, 2003 BCSC 153 (production of vacation photographs)
  • Ho v. Fan, March 10, 2004, New Westminster Registry S78547 (S.C.) (pre-accident clinical records)
  • Gillies v. Nelson et al, December 16, 2002, Vancouver Registry B971839 (neuropsychological raw data and clinical interview notes)
  • Sanders v. Kay, Vancouver Registry A90365 (S.C.)(sealed family law file material)

Mr. Lavoie has appeared as counsel on trials in the Supreme Court of British Columbia and the Provincial Court of British Columbia: e.g.,

  • Khatkar v. ICBC (1993), 25 C.C.L.I (2d) 243 (motor vehicle accident liability and insurance fraud).

Mr. Lavoie has also worked closely with senior counsel on a number of high complexity jury trials: e.g.,

  • Fast v. ICBC, Vancouver Registry No. B981729 (S.C.)
  • Kibsey v. Wielki, Vancouver Registry No. M053271 (S.C.)

Mr. Lavoie takes a proactive approach to dispute resolution, frequently using the mediation process to obtain advantageous settlements.

Call to the Bar

British Columbia, 1993

Areas of Practice

Education and Professional Affiliations

University of British Columbia, B.A. (1988), LL.B. (1992)

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