Stevens Virgin lawyers are committed to providing the best possible legal service to our clients. Our dedicated legal team has years of experience in civil litigation and resources to ensure that we are providing the most up-to-date legal advice our clients. Our diverse legal team has experience at all levels of Court and a proven track record for successful dispute resolution both in and outside the courtroom.

Mark_Virgin Mark V. C. Virgin
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Margaret_Stanier Margaret Stanier
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Perry Mazzone a lawyer with Stevens Virgin Vancouver Perry A. Mazzone
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Craig Watson E. Craig Watson
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Cal Kelly sm Callum Kelly
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Simon Read a lawyer with Stevens Virgin Vancouver Simon A. Read
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David_Lavoie David Lavoie
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resized_0424 Diane Weinrath
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Nathalie Baker a lawyer with Stevens Virgin Vancouver Nathalie Baker
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mitch phoo Mitch Dermer
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Kevin_Yee Kevin Yee
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Rabjeet Wallia a lawyer with Stevens Virgin in Vancouver Rabjeet Wallia
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Kiran Brar a lawyer with Stevens Virgin Kiran Brar
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